Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted the first Vine from space over the weekend.

This is SO cool!

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A Sex Infographic That Charts Out Who Has Hooked up with Who on Seasons 1-3 of ‘Game of Thrones’

Uh, I believe you mean, “Who has hooked up with WHOM”

A Song Fire and Alright, Who Gave Me Scabies?

Game of Bones.

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The Duchess seems to approve of Maori…erm, culture!


Best thing I’ve seen today


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From Bookish:

On Sunday, March 16, 30 people met for a party … in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Only when they arrived, they didn’t talk, cheer, or yell at a basketball game on television. Instead, each person nestled into a chair, opened a book, and read.

There was also wine, and live music by a talented harpist.

Sounds like my kind of party.


Image: Silent Reading Party NYC

I want to to this place.

Stop by our House any day for this exact same party.


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Two more sleeps!

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From the mouths of babes

This brilliant PSA style video puts Rob Ford’s words in the mouth of a child to chilling effect….


House Tully sends its regards


House Tully sends its regards

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